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The Basic & Intermediate programs are excellent...


But if you’re even on this page, there’s a really good chance you already know that this is the right fit for you!


You thrive with hands-on coaching...

The Full Access Program is the best way to not just fix this current issue, but also...

1- Truly learn and implement the Parenting Made Joyful lifestyle in a way that is going to be impactful for your family long term...

2- Anticipate developmentally appropriate regressions and be ready to manage them rather than blindsided by them...

3- Gain real insights into your parenting style default and the parenting style default of your partner so you can make adjustments at the root, rather than on the surface...

4- Often times, fixing ONE thing, causes another thing to pop up. After all, this is human behavior we are talking about. Cause and effect: If I adjust this behavioral association to sleep, or potty training, or eating, or behavior, the natural outcome is that your child reacts with a new behavior or response. Sometimes that response is no big deal and there is nothing additional to do. But more often than not, there is a need to anticipate and/or be ready to help with the natural response to a change.

Can I share honestly with you for a minute? This is TRULY embarrassing if you already worked with me...

That's me and my husband David and our puppy. That is the real person who will be coaching you. Not the polished lady on the news. And that lady over there in the Vote t-shirt...

...has worked with families for two decades, and over the years, many of you signed up for my 30-day package that was $2000. I came to your house and worked with you one on one (pre-covid days)...

And some of you got much the much cheaper package that is just a one-hour session for my hourly rate.



Regardless of what package people signed up for, I could not stop helping them if they asked for more help than what was included in their package. 🤦‍♀️ Weeks & months later, still answering Qs.

This embarrassing habit of over-extending myself for my clients taught me a couple of things that you will end up benefitting from...

1- I learned that when I am working with a family, I will NOT quit until I know for sure I helped them, because I LOVE my clients hard. Even if that means working with them for free for weeks and months after their package expires. (So embarrassing).

2- I learned that about 75% of families who want sleep support initally, come back to me needing behavior support, and vice-versa.

3- I learned that at least 50% of people will ask for ongoing help, and use me every single time they have a question for an average of 3 months following our initial package. 

4- I learned that the questions parents are asking after the initial problem is resolved, have nothing to do with their initial problem. They come to me for sleep and stick around for questions on eating, development, teething, traveling and more. Or they come to me for behavior and later, sleep becomes a problem they need help with. 


How exactly, will my embarrassing mistake benefit you? 

What's your point Kylee? 

Well, the point is, I created a package that finally makes the most sense for parents JUST LIKE YOU! 

How Does This Work?

1-hour private zoom session

Get off to a strong start! One-hour zoom session with me gives you the chance to share exactly what's going on with your child's sleep or behavior (or both!) so I know exactly what you need to start implementing tools on day one. 

The initial session is going to address your biggest, most troublesome problem that's causing you to lose sleep and lose patience. 

This is a recorded session so you can refer back to it any time you need to.

By the end of this session, you will have clear directions to follow to begin implementing new tools THAT day. 

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Each week, you have the chance to jump on a Q&A session with a small group of other parents in my coaching program. The call ranges from 30-90 minutes depending on how many parents and how many questions. 

Hearing from other parents in other stages of parenthood will ALWAYS be good for you, and often will answer questions you didn't even know you had!

All Q&A sessions recorded and added to the private FB group so you can go back and watch as needed. 

You can submit Qs ahead of time if you know you won't make it that week.

Q&A sessions are on for 3 weeks, then off for the last week of each month.

Weekly Private Check-Ins

Each week, we will have our own private zoom session where you get my personal attention. Here we can cover things you were not able to address on the group call or things that came up in the meantime. 

These are up to 20 minutes long and will be recorded so you can access them as needed. 

You and any other adult who is involved in your child's care will be welcomed to join these and the other weekly sessions. Spouses, nanny, family member, etc.

Private check-in sessions are on for 3 weeks, then off for the last week of each month.

Walkie Talkie Access

I use Voxer to communicate with clients for daily, real-time questions and adjustments. It is a free app that functions like a walkie-talkie. You can send pics or videos or regular text-texts too, but the fastest way to get me is with the walkie-talkie feature. 

You will have up to 4 Voxer exchanges per day. 

Example of what counts as one exchange:

You: Ask a question.

Me: I ask follow-up questions for needed context.

You: Then you reply to my Q's.

Me:  I send you the directions or adjustments you need.

I want to learn more! Let's schedule a free call!

Why do I need 3 months to solve 1 problem?

Great Question!

Well, you are here because of one looming problem...

But having done this for 20 years with 1000+ families, I can tell you that ONE problem goes a little something like this...

  • We begin to solve that inital problem and make progress...
  • At some point, usually right away, the problem we began to solve inadvertently draws your attention to something else that needs attention. Feeds, teething, traveling, regressions, being in a LEAP etc
  • Suddenly, your inital problem is no longer the focus and you are in need of help with these newly surfaced things that YOU did not know were coming, but becuase I do what I do, I DID know these were coming.
  • These little hurdles are not the only hurdles. There are bigger hurdles like how to drop naps, how to fix bedtime, how to transition to a big kid bed, how to manage potty training without messing up sleep, how to manage screaming tantrums that were not happening when you baby was younger, etc The list goes on and on because...
  • Babies and toddlers and kids are constantly changing. And with those changes come brand new challenges for parents.

Ta-Da! I don't know about you, but I LOVE rows and columns explaining what I do and don't get when I am signing up for something that is going to dramatically improve my life, the way my Full Access program will dramatically improve your life. So, I made this for you because I assume you want all those green checkmarks in your life like, yesterday. 

Who The Heck Are You? And Why Should We Trust You?

Great Questions! Check my About Me page.


  • You've already tried using a sleep or behavior eLearning platform and you know you learn best when there is hands on, consistent guidance rather than just video lessons alone. 
  • You are tired of being shamed for wanting sleep.
  • Sleep Training or correcting behavior confuses the heck out of you and you need an actionable plan you can get feedback and adjustments on.
  • You are ready to have your sleep back, your evenings back, and your baby or big kid sleeping independently.
  • You are ready to stop walking on eggshells around your child for fear of accidentally causing a tantrum.


  • You and your partner strongly identify as an Attachment Parenting family. 
This is me! I am ready to get on a call with you Kylee!

Last chance - Ready to get on a call with me and go over how I can help?

I have guided 1000s of parents to the light at the end of the tunnel for sleep deprivation and behavior dilemmas...

Now it's your turn!

*Baby must be 12 weeks and 12 pounds before starting any sleep training program. 

*Children must be no older than 6

*Children must be considered neurotypical, no formal diagnosis

YES! Let's Get On A Call!