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Who Am I? And Why Should You Trust Me? 

Hey! I'm Kylee Money...

Trusting somebody with your baby's well-being is hard.

Why should you trust me? 

Try these on for size - I said that...yep🤦‍♀️

  • 21 years of sleep training 1000+ families âœ…
  • Featured on CBS and Fox News as a parenting expert âœ…
  • Partnered with Lumi by Pampers as their sleep coach featured in their app along side Dr. Craig Canapari, a pediatrician who specializes in the care of infant sleep.  âœ…
  • Speaks nationally at parenting expos on the subject of sleep training.  âœ…
  • 5 star reviews across all platforms because I actually care about my clients, and it shows.  âœ…
  • I have a 94% success rate- that means I am honest. Anybody who tells you they have 100% success rate is lying to your face- yuck!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A little bit more...

We had our first baby in October 2021, and our second baby came two months early in August of 2022. This surprises a lot of people. Why would I have a parent coaching company for so many years without having been a parent until just now? Most parent coaches are driven to that career choice from needing help in their parenting path, finding they LOVE the new skills they learned, and turning around to teach others what they learned. 

That just isn't my story. 🤷‍♀️ 

Fixing sleep and behavior...this is my superpower, the same way some people are amazing in the kitchen or amazing with math or amazing at marketing. I suck at all of those, but I have a profound passion for and skill when it comes to helping parents establish calm, healthy boundaries and routines with their children for healthy sleep and excellent behavior. 

Parents have always said...

"Wait until it's your own. You won't be able to do this with your own."

Yes I will, and I am, and I continue to do so.

The core of what I teach is about showing unconditional love with the use of loving boundaries around sleep and behavior. Those core values don't change just because the feeling of love for my babies is so overwhelming.

I believe in the power of knowing the person you work with on a more intimate level. This little tidbit about me is here to help you learn about me🙂