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😴Get Your Baby/Toddler/Big Kid Sleeping All Night With The PMJ™ Basic Access Program Now For Only $37 (VALUE $97)🎉

You've been told by every "expert" and judgy mom the same lie about sleep training...


Sleep training is the same thing as Cry It Out ðŸš« (nope)

Cry It Out = Harming your baby ðŸš« (not even a little)

So you rock or nurse or pat your baby to sleep to avoid feeling like a bad parent. ðŸ˜­

You get desperate and try the methods that claim to be gentle...

...only to STILL have a screaming baby on your hands. 

Not only did they cry when you tried these "gentle" methods, they ALSO didn't sleep! 😖

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Here's The Problem...

Our fear about crying is SO enormous, and we've been SO inundated with the false narrative that science is telling us crying is bad...

That we can't even begin to entertain the idea of learning about sleep training from an actual expert. (Me, for example).

Just the idea of being open to it strikes fear and shame in our hearts.

So we stay sleep deprived, believing our sleeplessness proof of our value as a parent.

But on the inside we are screaming WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! (like Phoebe from Friends screaming at her smoke detector!)  

You've read everything about sleep training but you always have to go rescue your crying child/baby.  😭

  • As a busy parent, you don't have the time or awakeness (that isn't a word, I know) to read another sleep book.
  • You are ready for bed by 8pm because you are going to be up at 3am google-crying for sleep answers!

The Basic Access Program is the easiest way to get your baby/child sleeping all night, regardless of:


1- Having already tried some sleep training without success

2- How different your baby appears to be compared to your friend's babies & kids

3- How fearful or guilty you are feeling about the process. 

And I want to show you EXACTLY how I did this with 1000s of other clients over the past 20 years...

...for only $37! ðŸ˜´ðŸŽ‰

Imagine if everybody in your family slept well...

What if you could kiss your little one goodnight, walk away from their crib, and know they will just put themselves to sleep?

What if they then...STAYED asleep...all night?

Imagine the peace of mind you would feel knowing you won't have to be held hostage in your child's room, eternally bouncing and shushing, only to have to go back and do it all again in a couple of hours...

What if you could sit down and eat dinner with your partner or #netflixandchill or take a long shower without rushing... because you are actually relaxed knowing your little one isn't waking up until morning?

How would your life be different if you could...

  • Know your child will fall asleep peacefully without your help...
  • Feel genuinely safe and empowered in the sleep training process...
  • Avoid all the common sleep training mistakes parents make that make succeeding impossible...
  • Sleep a full uninterrupted 8 hours every night...
  • Know for sure your child isn't in a cycle of sleep deprivation, that their sleep needs are being met
  • Have the evening hours to genuinely recharge and have grown-up time...

I've used this EXACT system I teach in the PMJ™ sleep training course with 1000s of families over 20 years with a 94% success rate and 5 star reviews across all platforms...




What are the video lessons like?...

Netflix of Sleep Training

Videos are not just educational, they are funny! This is a pretty emotional topic so I made the lessons feel like I am sitting with you in your living room, guiding and making you laugh along the way. Parenting experts tend to be obnoxiously sugary and soft. Part of the reason parents love me is because I am real and relatable.

What About Non-Sleep Issues?

You mean like tantrums and whining and picky eating and not listening and not following directions? You mean that stuff? 

Yea, it happens to be offered FOR FREE as one of the three bonuses. You'll find that bonus down below! All things related to sleep and behavior--Those are my superpowers. 

What About Crying?

Want to know the unethical reason we mistakenly believe that crying is harmful, and the person behind the lie? This lesson has the full story of what we are told vs reality. New parent fear is capitalized on, and you've been sucked into the lie. The truth is FREEING and your attachment to your baby remains happily intact.

Big Kids Too?

Yep! This works for neurotypical kids 12 weeks through 6 years old. They won't fall asleep without you in the room? Solved. They won't fall asleep in their own bed? Solved. They creep into your room every night waking you up? Solved that too. They make you put on a whole production of songs and books and water and snacks making bedtime last 2 hours? Solved that too. 

Plus THREE new bonuses!

Nap Training Course

Full access to the Parenting Made Joyful™ nap training course (Value $47)

This fixes short naps and gives you a schedule that's developmentally appropriate for your baby! Covers nap consolidations, dropping naps, connecting sleep cycles, and how to avoid the 8-month sleep regression.


Behavior Training Course

This is the other half of what I do guys. I fix sleep and I fix behavior. That's all I do.

I don't cook and I am terrible at budgeting. 

But I can get your kids listening, behaving, eating well, and fix those tantrums!

This course has over 30 video lessons that will get your kids to listen and behave without relying on YELLING, BRIBING or PUNISHING.


Supportive Community

Gain access to the private Parenting Made Joyful™ Facebook community where I go live with trainings and Q&As 3-5 times a week. Parents just like you, going through the same process for you to lean on and talk with. It makes a big difference to have positive parents supporting you and keeping you accountable and motivated! Negative, judgmental parents are NOT in this group. 


PMJ™ Basic Access Program will work for you regardless of how many things you have already tried, how different your baby appears to be, or scared you are feeling! 

You AREN'T a bad parent because this sounds tempting. 

I'm Ready To Get Started For Only $37

Wait? Who The Heck Are You & Why Should We Trust You?

Great questions- Check my About Me tab to learn more! You will find FAQs at the bottom of the About Me page as well.

Here's everything you will get!

  • Sleep Training Course for nights ($97 value)
  • My 20 years of experience guiding your family (Priceless)
  • 🎉BONUS 1: Nap Training Course ($47 value)
  • 🎉BONUS 2: Behavior Training Course ($97 value)
  • 🎉BONUS 3: Supportive Community ($300 value)


Today only, get all of this for one payment of only $37

That's like...ALMOST free. That is such a high percentage off that it may as well be free.


  • You've already tried gentle sleep training methods and they didn't work. 
  • You are tired of being shamed for wanting sleep.
  • Sleep Training confuses the heck out of you and you need actionable clarity.
  • You are ready to have your sleep back, your evenings back, and your baby sleeping independently.


  • You and your partner strongly identify as an Attachment Parenting family. 
This is for me! I am ready to take action!

Last chance to lock in this deal for only $37!

I have guided 1000s of parents to the light at the end of the sleep deprivation tunnel...

Now it's your turn!

*Baby must be 12 weeks and 12 pounds before starting any sleep training program.

YES! Let's Get This Started!