3 months-6 years

“Let's fix your child's sleep!”

An online class for parents of babies 3 months to 6 years old who struggle with sleep.

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Package A

(Online Course)

  • My No BS Sleep Training Course (Value $500)
  • BONUS #1 - My Nap Training Course ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #2 - My Behavior Training Course ($500 Value)
  • BONUS #3 - Lifetime Access (Priceless)
  • Access From Any Device, Anytime 
  • TOTAL VALUE $1197
BUY NOW ($497)

Package B

(1 hour session)

  • Everything in Package A included for free
  • A one-hour private zoom session with Kylee
  • Coaching customized to your family/child
  • Good for sleep or behavior training
  • Private session recorded and sent for easy re-watching
BUY NOW ($400)

Package C

(Private Coaching)

  • Everything in Package A and package B is included 
  • 12 weeks of private coaching, direct access to ask me or a PMJ™ coach your child-specific and situation-specific questions M-F.
  • 2 children under 6 years old included in coaching for the same price
  • Good for sleep or behavior training

For real quotes from real parents, read my Yelp and Google reviews. Or scroll down and read screenshots of texts from parents. I wouldn't type a quote here and ask you to believe it is real...you are smarter than that! 

– Kylee

Online class info:

  • Get your baby/child sleeping 10-12 hours independently.
  • Your baby/child will fall asleep independently.
  • Your baby/child will get back to sleep independently if they wake up in the middle of the night or too soon from naps.
  • Fix short naps
  • Nap independently 
  • Handle regressions
  • Address tantrums, whining, poor listening etc for kids 2-6 
  • Adress picky eating
  • Address big kids staying in their own bed all night
  • Understand the truth about crying, and what science actually says. 
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Having a great sleeper is easy with the right guidance

Getting your baby to sleep all night seems impossible.

I know because in the 20 years that I have been fixing sleep (and behavior) every family tells me they've tried everything and nothing works... Thankfully with the online course, those same families who felt hopeless do succeed -- and so will you!

I know you're sleep-deprived. I know you are torn and feel like you have to pick between your sleep and sanity or your child's emotional well-being. I know naps are a hot mess. I know the moment you finally doze off, your baby needs you AGAIN.

It SUCKS! But it is fixable without damaging your child in the process. Seriously. 

Fixing sleep and behavior is my superpower. You need me like I need cooking lessons, help understanding TikTok and help with my fashion choices. No shame in getting help from the expert!

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What about crying..

According to the AAP as well as the AASM, not only is there no evidence that crying is dangerous, there is, in fact clear evidence that crying is healthy, normal and beneficial for babies. This claim is validated by my 20 years of experience with over 1,000 families, as I have seen this to be true in every case. Of course crying is hard for the parents, but it is perfectly safe, temporary and frankly unavoidable, for the babies and kids who are sleep training and behavior training. This is covered in greater detail in my course as well as any personalized package you will purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The PMJ online class is ideal to start:

  • At any age! As long as they are over 12 pounds, older than 12 weeks and you have the green light from your pediatrician to begin sleep training.
  • If you have already tried other methods and are feeling ready for REAL results.

The Parenting Made Joyful online class includes:

  • Over 70 pre-recorded classes on the subjects of sleep and behavior
  • A parenting eBook. on behavior basics
  • Nap training modules broken down by age
  • Lifetime access to the online classes, you only pay $37 once!

What are real parents saying?

Sleepless nights and exhausted days do not have to be your reality anymore. #parentlife CAN be joyful if you let me fix your family's sleep. Since 2001, I've helped 1000+ families get their kids/babies sleeping all night, so they can actually be present and enjoying parenthood. 5 stars across all platforms, 94% success rate and featured prominently in the media...you don't get that unless you are a kick-ass parent coach.