$37.00 USD


Fixing nights is not enough! You also need to fix naps! For only $7 more:

  • How many naps per age
  • How long to naps need to be per nap and age 
  • How long to stay awake between naps per age
  • Rules for nap training in general 
  • How to drop naps 
  • And more!! 

If you ONLY fix nights, and don't address issues with napping, your nights will also begin to unravel. Fixing issues like:

  • Naps are too short 
  • Will only nap on you 
  • Needs to be rescued to lengthen any nap 
  • Will only nap in car
  • Will only nap in stroller 
  • Won't stop crying for nap
  • And other common issues!

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PMJ™ Sleep Training System

$37 for ALL of this content is insane. I should charge more. But I'm not. You're welcome!

What you'll get:

  • Night Sleep Training course (30+ video lessons telling you exactly how to get your baby sleeping all night!)
  • FIX night sleep for any age baby or child up to 6!
  • 🎉 BONUS 1: Behavior Training Course (30+ Lessons correcting behavior in kids 6 and under)
  • FIX tantrums and poor listening
  • 🎉 BONUS 2: A supportive, free community of other parents who are sleep training and behavior training.
  • Literally, 60+ lessons that will be LIFE CHANGING for you from 12 weeks until 6 years old. 
  • Quizzes that are funny and educational to reinforce key concepts 
  • Videos are filmed and edited in a way that makes this dry-ass topic actually fun to go through
  • SO many PDFs and printables that you will need.