$497.00 USD

An hour session is normally $500 an hour. This is a savings of $300 but it disappears if you don't take the offer today!

What you'll get:

  • 1 full hour on zoom with Kylee going over EXACTLY how to solve your sleep or behavior issues. 
  • Child-specific questions are answered. 
  • Situation-specific questions are answered.
  • THINK ABOUT IT... When you are reading a parenting book and you wish you could ask the author about YOUR child, that is what this is. I filmed all those videos for you. But they are pre-recorded. This is your chance to ask the expert your child-specific questions that fall outside of the pre-recorded content. 

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Package A: The No BS Sleep Training Course That Actually Works! (1 payment)

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What you'll get: 

  • LIFETIME Access to the No BS Sleep Training Course. This baby and any other kids you have, you can just keep coming back to brush up on all sleep and behavior tools.

  • Appropriate through 6 years old!
  •  6 Easy-to-follow self-guided sleep training modules

  •  Quizzes that reinforce the most important concepts that also make you laugh

    🎉BONUS 1- The "Getting on the same page as your partner" workbook

    🎉BONUS 2- The Eliminate Fear About Crying bundle 

    🎉BONUS 3- The Nap Training Course with 4 additional modules to solve nap problems!

    🎉BONUS 4- How to prevent your toddler from climbing out of the crib!

    🎉BONUS 5- The Behavior Training Course with 6 additional modules to solve and prevent behavior dilemmas for your kids 2-6!

  • Videos are filmed and edited in a way that makes this dry-ass topic actually fun to go through

SO many PDFs and printables that will make your new tools easier to remember.