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How Do I Know This & You Are The Real Deal...?
  Will this work for MY child? Or is it a generic "one size fits all" service?
The Parenting Made Joyful program is a collection of video and written content I have developed based on experience with over 1000 families as well as being aligned with empirically supported data and well respected doctors and psychologists. My success rate is well above 90% and for families who are consistent with my directions, they WILL see results. It is impossible not to. The content on the membership site is pre-recorded, but you have direct access to me in the VIP Facebook group to ask you child and situation-specific questions so it is catered to you and your family. If for any reason you need a refund, I have a 28 day a money. 
  I don't have any extra time, will this be a big investment of time?
This is a minimal investment of time. The videos are designed to go at your own pace. The workbook is value packed but short, so you can go through the exercises as quickly or slowly as you need to. The VIP group is always there, you can spend as much or as little time as you would like there. The biggest commitment isn't in the time it will take. The biggest commitment is in living the new tools you are learning.
  What if it doesn't work for my family?
If for any reason you need a refund, I have a 28 day a money back guarantee. Even though I will refund you without requiring an explanation, I would request you to reach out to me FIRST to make sure I can't help you get sorted out. The parents who get the LEAST out of this are the ones who don't take advantage of the coaching with me and who don't get connected to the VIP group. I am always here to chat and support you as questions and hurdles come up, so as long as you come and ask for help first, and you still feel this lifestyle isn't a good fit, then I gladly offer a full refund.
100% 28 Day Money Back Guarantee. 
  What if my partner doesn't want to make this change but I do, will it still work?
Having your partner on the same page IS important and it WILL make this change easier. However, children are smart and adaptable and they will begin to shift their sleep and behavior even if one parent is not on board. It takes a little longer (just being honest) but it will still work in this situation. Typically, the other partner sees the changes in the kids as a result of your living the Parenting Made Joyful Lifestyle, and they slowly come around. They might be stubborn in the beginning, but seeing is believing.
  I have tried everything and nothing works. Is this different somehow?
Yes, this is different. I know how frustrating it is to feel like you have tried it all and nothing works. The reality is, there is A LOT of well-intentioned but BAD advice floating around out there. This program is not the comment thread in a FB parents group with endlessly conflicting opinions. This is not a parenting book where you get some information but have no support when it comes to applying what you read. This is not the black hole of Google searches that leave you confused and second guessing, and this isn't parenting in one extreme or the other. Parenting Made Joyful is a practical parenting lifestyle that not only gives you the tools you need to change your child's sleep and behavior, it also gives you direct access to me, the parent expert. You can't reach out to the author of a parenting book and ask questions about how to apply their suggestions to your child. The book ends and you are on your own. This sets you up for success and support every step of the way.
  I don't want to harm the bond I have with my child. Will this program cause my child to feel insecure or abandoned?
This program will NOT do any damage to the secure bond you have with your child. Parenting Made Joyful does not condone any actions that cause children to feel fearful or abandoned. In fact, love, respect and compassion towards your kids are critical for Parenting Made Joyful to be effective.
100% 28 Day Money Back Guarantee. 
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