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Perfect for parents who feel nervous about only having video directions, and need the extra check-in and personal attention.


"Kylee! I watched the videos, I just have some questions" 

Imagine having my guidance to ask your child-specific questions - a session catered to your family's needs.

I'll give you situation specific guidance and answer those burning questions that Googling just isn't answering for you.

You are the type of person who feels best knowing you have the attention of the expert. You know you will benefit from the video course, but. you want the extra reassurance and that's ok! That's who this session is for- YOU!

How does this work?

Great question! 

It goes a little something like this: 

30-minute Zoom Call

On our call, I will learn about your child and give you more detailed guidance to support the video lessons so you are getting child, and situation-specific guidance. You will schedule our call AFTER you watch the sleep lessons. If we have our call BEFORE hand, it will be a waste of your time. Once you watch the lessons, then you can come to our sessions with your questions and I won't be repeating generic information that's already in the portal.

Video Lesson Guidance

While I am available in a limited capacity with your 2 follow-up emails and your 30-minute zoom session, the videos are there 24/7. The videos are me, so it will feel like you are just chatting with me. They are going to be the source of your basic guidance to give you what you need to get started. 

Let's Fucking Do This, Kylee!

Talking Prompts

You're ready, but your partner isn't quite on board. This bonus gives you some conversational jumping-off points and FAQs from real clients who were the worried partner before working with me. We worked together to come up with these so you can address their fears lovingly and confidently. With a worst-case scenario guide if they just CAN'T get over the fear. It's a win/win.



2 Follow Up Emails

Feelings stuck? You can reach out!

You aren't doing this alone! Use these 2 emails to ask your questions, get reassurance and have me make any adjustments needed once you get started.

There is no limit to how many questions are in each email. Ask away! 

I answer these M-F between 9am-9pm.


Quick Start Guide

Want to start RIGHT NOW? Well, you can't. But you CAN learn everything that needs to be done in your baby's sleep space right now so as soon as you watch the lessons, you aren't being held back by sleep environment obstacles that will stand in the way of your success. This is a COMPLETE list of my favorite products and my secret room-related tricks that are required for a successful outcome with sleep training. This includes babies in their own room or babies in your room. 


Here's everything you will get!

  • 30-minute zoom session with me for sleep training ($250 value)
  • Copy of our session you can watch any time.
  • 🎉BONUS 1: Quick Start Guide ($11 value)
  • 🎉BONUS 2: Conversation Prompts - Spouse ($27 value)
  • 🎉BONUS 3: 2 Follow up emails for implementation coaching ($300 value)


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